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About Ayurveda School

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of health sciences, originated in India around BC 3000 and is practised throughout India. It is based on sound fundamental principles and follows unique approaches towards life, preservation of health and treatment of various diseases. In contrast to the analytical approach of western medicine, Ayurveda adopts a holistic approach to life and health. It defines health as a state of comprehensive equilibrium of all bodily functions whether it is physical or mental. Ayurveda emphasises on "health" more than "disease", and always advocates to restore the health of a patient as the means to eliminate the disease.

In the treatment of a patient, Ayurvedic physician is more concerned with the elimination of the cause of the disease and a suitable life style and diet for the patient. The use of drugs and medicaments has only a subsidiary place in an Ayurvedic prescription. In contrast, the western modern medicine is a drug and disease-oriented system. Ayurveda mostly uses natural herbal products as medicines, which are both bio-friendly and eco-friendly. By way of its holistic approaches and safe unique natural medicaments Ayurveda is very popular now a days throughout the world.

Another specialty is that most of the Ayurvedic massages and treatments can be used for the diseased people as well as the healthy people. In the diseased it cures the disease and in healthy people the same treatment helps in preserving the health.

Ayurveda also gives great emphasis to the mental and spiritual dimensions of an ailment than on its gross physical aspects. Ayurveda includes yoga and recognize the existence of vital energy systems conceived as Tridosha, which governs all the activities of a living being. Hence modalities of treatment in ancient Indian tradition vividly include a variety of non-drug energy modulating approaches, which have been gaining more and more popularity in present times. This is one of the reason we included some of the holistic complimentary therapies like Reiki, Pranic healing, Energy link healing system and Color therapy in our training programs.

The globalization of Ayurveda has also helped it to be in the mainstream of world medicine. With The fast-growing global order, all knowledge of Ayurveda is now known through out the world. People are interested to know more about it and also practise it as a complementary medicine throughout the world. Thus there is a need for good authentic training program on Ayurveda for those aspiring students.

At present a number of Ayurvedic Treatment centers have started in different parts of India especially in tourist places. But most of them lack trained therapists to carry out different Ayurvedic treatments and massages. So people are not getting the proper Ayurvedic treatments if they goes to those centers, and ultimately this can lead to misunderstanding about Ayurveda.


The Ayurveda Training Center

School of Ayurveda and Panchakarma was started few years back with the aim to provide a comprehensive professional training for those aspiring students of Ayurveda. Till date we have trained a number of students from all over the world in Ayurvedic massage therapy and Panchakarma treatments at our Ayurveda Study Center. Most of them are working as Panchakarma Therapists in various parts of the world and you can meet some of them on our Students Opinion Page.

Ayurveda Courses offered by our center are one of the best available today on the subject of Ayurveda and Panchakarma, which gives sufficient theoretical knowledge as well as practical training. Our courses are specially designed by a group of Expert Ayurvedic Scholars and include many innovative features like Multimedia Presentations, Virtual Classrooms over internet, Self learn CDs on Ayurvedic Bodyworks, Well explained Teaching notes on the subject and so on. Our doctors are well experienced in the field of Ayurvedic Education and they know how to present the subject as most of the students are coming with hardly any base on Ayurveda. Theory sessions and practical training are handled by a group of experienced doctors and is committed to the philosophy of the student-centered approach to help them learn properly.

The practical training include Elakizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicinal leaves) Navara kizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicated rice) Podikizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicinal powders) Pizhichil (Oil Bath with medicated oils) Shirodhara, Udhwarthana (Powder massage with medicinal powders) Abhyanga (Oil massage), Shirovasti , Netra vasti , Kadivasti etc. The practical training also includes Traditional Kalari Marma Massage and Ayurvedic Feet Massage , which are found to be very good for body rejuvenation, and only our center teaches these types of massages in Kerala.

Our training program also covers the important internal cleansing method of Ayurveda - the Panchakarma therapy. They include the following treatments

  1. Vamana - Vomiting treatment for expelling aggravated Kapha Dosha from the body.
  2. Virechana - Purgation treatment for expelling aggravated Pitha Dosha from the body.
  3. Vasti - Medicated enema treatment with herbal oils and decoctions for expelling the aggravated vata dosha.
  4. Nasya - Nasal Medication for the purification of Head.
  5. Rekta moksha - Selective blood letting for expelling vitiated Blood from the

Facilities in Our Institute

Details of the facilities available at our Ayurvedic Institute can be found in this page.


Our Panel Of Experts

Director, School of Ayurveda & Panchakarma

Dr. Rajesh Deven
(Director, School of Ayurveda & Panchakarma)
Chief Instructor, School of Ayurveda & Panchakarma

Dr. Sapna

(Chief Instructor)
Marma Specialist - Kalari, Ayurveda

Dr. Abdul Khader Gurukkal
R.M.P (Marma Specialist)
(Hospital Director)
Chief Instructor - Drugless Therapy

Dr. Abdurahaman. P

(Chief Instructor - Drugless Therapy)
Ayurvedic Sports Medicine

Dr. Shyam Lal

(Consultant - Sports Medicine)
Yoga consultant

Yogacharya Ashok

(Yoga consultant)
Superintendent - Panchakarma Wing

Mr. Satheesh

(Superintendent - Panchakarma Wing)

Ms. Lakshmi

(Nursing Superintendent)
Panchakarma Head Nurse

Ms. Sreena
(Head Nurse)
Ayurveda Pharmacist

Ms. Sunitha
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